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Lao Li and the Pebbles

Lao Li is a wise old man. He lives in the Desert in Xinjiang.

One day, when he turned 80, he decided to go to a holy place to reflect on his own life.

So he rode his camel across the hot desert sand to the sacred spot.

It was a long journey to the holy shrine.

Lao Li spent several hours in silent reflection,

during which he reviewed all the major happenings of his life

and recalled all the things he had said and done,

and all the things he had failed to say or do at the right time.

The next day, when he was at peace within himself again,

Lao Li mounted his camel and started to ride home.

Lao Li was hot and thirsty, tired and hungry.

His camel was also hot and thirsty, tired and hungry.

He was halfway home, in the middle of the desert when, suddenly, Lao Li heard a voice calling out his name.

“Lao Li!” the voice boomed.

Lao Li was startled. He looked to the left and then to the right. He could see no one.

He looked all around him. There was no one to be seen.

There was just him and his camel, and the hot desert sand.

A vast empty desert in every direction.

“Lao Li!” the voice said: “When you arrive at the dry river bed just ahead of you, I want you to get down on your knees, and pick up as many pebbles as you can. Mark my words: If you do this, you will surely be a very happy man tomorrow.”

“And then, perhaps, maybe, just possibly,” the Voice added, “it just might happen that you may also become very sad.”

Lao Li could not understand this. “How can a man become both very happy and very sad by doing exactly the same thing?”

There was something even more perplexing that Lao Li could not understand. “I am so very hot and thirsty, so tired and hungry. Instead of giving me food or water, why is the voice asking me to carry a heavy load of stones?!”

But as I said earlier, Lao Li is a wise old man. He knew that it is wise to obey the instructions.

So, when he reached the dry river-bed, he obediently dismounted, and dutifully filled two of his empty leather bags with stones and pebbles from the dried-up river.

After many hours of riding, Lao Li finally arrived at his tent in the oasis.

He washed his hands and face, lay down to rest, and promptly fell asleep, totally exhausted.

The next morning, when he awoke, he remembered the incident, and he asked himself: “Was that all a dream?” He jumped up and ran out of his tent to where he had tied his camel. When he opened the two water-bags, he found that the pebbles had all turned into gold!

Lao Li became very excited and happy. He ran around the whole village shouting out the news about the miracle. Everybody in the village came to see his gold, and to marvel at his mysterious good fortune.

Later, when all the excitement had died down, and when the last visitor had left, Lao Li sat down to rest.

Suddenly, he struck his own forehead and exclaimed, “Why did I not pick up more of those stones?!” Then he felt sad and disappointed in himself.

And then he remembered what the voice had said.

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